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This one was not my favourite graphic novel, and it took me a while to get into.

Two soldiers from opposing sides of the war have fallen in love and brought a baby into the world. Now, they're on the run from both of their armies, trying to survive in a world that's intent on their destruction.

I think I just have to accept at this point that traditional graphic novels are not for me. This kind of chaotic art style really throws me for a loop every single time I try it. It's like there's so much going on on the pages that I can't focus on the story, and it drastically affects how much I enjoy the book as a whole.

Because really, this story is rad. I really really like the idea of a family just trying to survive in space, and the way that this one is centred on very human things (birth, sex, relationships, etc.) but in this wild fantasy/sci-fi world is really fricken cool and feels very fresh and original. But I don't enjoy the chaos, so that's what keeps my rating lower here.

I'm not sure if I'll continue with this series. It took me about half of this first bind-up to get into it, and then after I devoured the last half, I felt more inclined to continue. I'll just have to wait and see if I'm in a graphic novel mood in the next while, I suppose; this was good, just not really the kind of graphic novel I like best overall.

KungFuAndrew Apr 07, 2020

I guess I'm in the minority here as I just didn't think it was as great as others appear to think about it as it just keeps on going and going and going with new characters coming and going and people and creatures and robots leaving and coming back and it appears that it never is going to end kind of like this sentence but it isn't because the series is only half way done and I bet that dead people and creatures and robots come back again and people and creatures and robots keep coming and going just to make it go longer and keep going and selling copies and when you think it is over it isn't because here comes the sequel or prequel or some other word ending in "quel". Whew!

Jan 16, 2020

Yes, Saga is as brilliant as every says it is.

Saga truly uses the medium of comics to it's full potential, with the art and the writing elevating each other to present a fantastical for the reader to immerse themselves in. From the background art to the unique character designs, it is clear that care has been put into every aspect of this book.
Right away the characters are thrown into interesting plots and are given moments to let their personalities get a spotlight. We are already given out such a fleshed out world and characters, but still the sense that this is only the beginning and that the story could go in a million exciting and new directions.
Saga manages to also pulls of being a mature book, but never feeling like it's edgy or sexual for the sake of being so, which manages to keep the world feel grounded and engaging.

5/5 stars. Saga is fresh and unlike any other comic I've read to date, do yourself a favour and PLEASE check this title out!

Jul 22, 2019

This is an adult comic.
If you check under the barcode at the back, it is rated M.
I may have read this with my 11yr old, but for some kids, this is not for them. It isn't for some adults either.
There's subjects broached that may upset or trigger people.
Otherwise, it is a brilliant storyline with some gorgeous art and loving a lot of the characters and their arcs at the moment.

Mar 29, 2019

Esperanto : Language of the Wreath citizens (or Moonies). you’ll need to find the translations manually.

sclibrary_hlutke Feb 27, 2019

Stop what you're doing. You need to pick up this modern, hilariously witty, and heart-breaking retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliet. When you consume all available volumes in a week (like yours truly), you can join me in the corner to have a good cry.

OPL_ErinD Jan 13, 2019

As a self-proclaimed fan of Brian K. Vaughan there is little excuse as to why it it has taken me 7 years to get started on this series. By the end of the first volume, I was totally hooked. Truly weird and beautifully drawn, I can't wait to devour the rest of Saga.

Dec 20, 2018

This was my first foray into comics, outside of Manga/Manwha, that really helped revitalize my love of reading and art. An amazing saga, not only in name. This book must be read. Warning there is especially some NSFW content in this comic (in case the breastfeeding mother on the cover was not enough of a warning

Hazel, the main characters voice, becomes your own as you follow along with this tale. From the very beginning - the very first panel of a winged woman giving birth - you find yourself pulled into this world. Falling in love with it's characters and the wonderful artwork of Fiona Staples is easy to do, leaving the world and not becoming addicted is Not.

Another warning - a line from this mentions 'kill your darlings'; deaths in this series are 'forever' deaths. There is no superhero type revival - no matter how hard you wish for it.

This beautifully illustrated adult graphic novel follows a husband and wife Marko and Alana from long-warring extraterrestrial races. On the run from authorities on both sides of a galactic war, the protagonists, with their newborn daughter in tow, must do anything they can to keep their young family alive. As a fan of Brian K Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man series, I was excited to hear of this new series. The collaboration with Fiona Staples yielded a truly amazing visual experience while still holding onto Vaughan’s sometimes dry, but always present, humorous, action packed style. Filled with colourful characters, hilarious dialogue, and fantastic action scenes, this graphic novel keeps the reader gripped from start to finish. (Submitted by Chelsea).

RyanR_KCMO Nov 14, 2018

I fell behind on getting caught up with Saga. I am rereading them from the beginning. I am reminded how amazing and perfect and whimsical and spanning this world feels. Basically Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars on a modern, sexy, and violent stage.

Jun 30, 2018

I love this series. The artwork is amazing, and I love how strong the female character is. It's definitely a story about star-crossed lovers/two people who shouldn't be together, but against all odds, they somehow end up together on a crazy adventure. If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, you'll enjoy this.

Jun 21, 2018

A great mature-audience sci-fi series with strong characters, huge monsters, and even bigger conflict that make it a pleasure to read.

Jun 06, 2018

Sort of the standard storyline of two lovers that aren't allowed to be in love but I really did like how strong they made the female character out to be. Also some pretty cool side line characters like the free lance mercenaries.

May 21, 2018

I absolutely LOVED reading this- I stayed up way past my bedtime looking at the pictures & reading every word. This is the first comic I've read since I was a kid, and now I'm on hold for the rest of the series. Can't wait to read them all. (also, my husband is super in to them as well!)

SPPL_Violet Mar 17, 2018

Thrilling, exuberant. Romeo & Juliet set in space plus some. Beautiful art, fantastic characters, and excellent writing. The Wreath language is Esperanto, helpful if you know it. If you don't, you can rest assured that it is translatable. However, you won't suffer much if you skip the Wreathsperanto and enjoy the story as is.

Adult themes.

Mar 12, 2018

Possibly the best comic series currently coming out, Saga is a fantasy space opera that grabs you by the gut and pulls you along for the ride of your life.

SPPL_jcl Feb 08, 2018

An epic adventure begins with fantastic writing and incredible artwork. The scope of the story and the blending of fantasy and science fiction in a very emotional story reminds me in ways of "Star Wars" -- but is definitely aimed at adults or older teens.

ArapahoeChrisP Feb 02, 2018

This was the comic that got me into reading comics. Great story, interesting characters, and some pretty solid artwork to boot. Definitely reaching must read territory.

Jan 10, 2018

Pretty good book, but you probably shouldn't let younger kids read it to stuff like nudity, language, and violence.

GeeksInTheLibrary Oct 19, 2017

Science Fiction on an epic scale, with multiple story lines interwoven around a baby girl who shouldn’t exist. Good for people looking for a hybrid of Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Beatricksy Jul 15, 2017

Yes, please, I would like a lot more of this. Forewarning: it's *very* adult. If it's offensive in ANY way, it's in this series. But the art is gorgeous and full of life. The characters are all scummy, and yet they have complicated pieces going on in their backgrounds to make them compelling (regardless of if you like them or not in the end). The plot is fast and intense and makes me deeply curious about what's coming next. The interjections from Hazel are lovely and add an extra element of curiosity to the panels. The ideas and themes of family, refugees, and culture are fascinating. And I'm a huge, huge sucker for characters with giant ears that can flop down when they're feeling sad or scared, which is covered in spades.

ArapahoeStaff1 Jul 13, 2017

For someone that doesn't love graphic novels, this series is PERFECT! There are space battles, love across races, betrayal, strong family dynamics, and the quest to find a place to live in peace. The story is original, while using general fantasy and political tropes. You will love this family, and the lengths they go to in order to protect their child.

This volume out of the few was way so unpredictable, while I was reading I first thought it was Prince Robert IV; yet however, I later realized the actual name Prince ROBOT IV. The art is very creative and imaginative, the writing was good, the effects were very realistic, I can't even describe these things... totally recommended for those of you nerds like me.

Mar 28, 2017

Well written. Unfortunately suffering from the monoculture of evil effect. This being the need to portray homosexuality by anal sex. Portray transvestites as being a natural state and not as what it really is.
People that change their gender tend to have suffered atrocity and having their genital cut off by the SKNF vermin. There are others that have been brainwashed into doing so by the same. There may be others that choose to but this is an extremely small minority if it even exists.
It also has this thing about stereotyping children and families.
I gave it 3 stars because of the writing and not anything else.

CMLibrary_ecrites Nov 28, 2016

I have found my new graphic novel obsession!

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