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A Bug's Life

DVD - 2003
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Cute and clever, "A Bug's Life" is a relatively straight retelling of Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai," except of course that the characters are bugs! Idealistic young ant Flik is a sweet-natured dreamer and inventor. But his innovative thinking makes him an outcast when one of his inventions goes awry and destroys the food sacrifice that the colony makes annually to a gang of grasshopper hooligans led by the sinister Hopper. Disgraced, Flik is sent to look for "warrior bugs," mercenaries to fight them. What he finds--and hires--are a motley crew of circus bugs including a preening master-thespian mantis, a glamorous gypsy moth, a cranky ladybug, a dimwitted beetle, and sundry other dimwitted, craven troupers. The ant colony is inspired by the troupe and mobilizes, but when they discover that the "warriors" are just circus clowns they lose faith. In the end, of course, Flik and crew save the day and free the colony from the oppressive grasshoppers.


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Aug 29, 2020

I'm not really into these Pixar movies, but this one is pretty cute. My favorite part of this movie is David Hyde Pierce playing the Stick Bug. His scenes (alas, far and few between) are hilarious!

May 07, 2020

Story long forgotten, the simple joy not. Is this the one where he plays chess w/ himself before it starts? That's a film unto itself.

Great score by Randy Newman.

Jul 31, 2019

Pixar’s second animated feature film, “A Bug’s Life” is a funny and cute story that both kids and adults can enjoy!

Jun 07, 2019

More humorous and directed at kids more than Antz. Has this underlying message/lesson: the powerful rely on the masses for support. Don’t let them oppress you.

Yes, this movie came out a month after Antz. Yes, they both are about ants. The designs are significantly different and the humor, while not nearly as mature, is still pretty solid. Kevin Spacey is great as Hopper.

LPL_WilliamO May 23, 2018

A fun film full of laughs and adventure! Every time I go back to this, I'm amazed by the detail and imagination. I'm always impressed by Pixar.

marycatlyons Apr 30, 2018

This will always be one of my favorites. It's just as good as I remember!

LiztheLibrarian Feb 14, 2018

A great film and a great introduction to the concept of community, teamwork, and standing up to bullies.

Feb 01, 2017

A Bug’s Life is a very cute and creative movie. The characters are all very sweet and likeable, and make this movie funny and light-hearted. I liked the sense of adventure, and thought that the storyline was very unique from other Disney films. There are many imaginative aspects to this movie, but I liked how Disney related it to our earth, which makes it seem more realistic and personal. Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie to other viewers, as it is fun, eventful, engaging, and very enjoyable. I think that this film is probably geared towards younger audiences, but it can still be entertaining for all ages, which makes it a great family movie! @PenelopeScriptor of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

A Bug’s Life was released in 1998 and directed by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton. Dave Foley voices Flik, an inventive ant who always seems to be finding a way to get himself and his colony in trouble. When Flik accidentally destroys the food being stored as payment towards grasshopper Hopper (voiced by Kevin Spacey), the ants in the colony are threatened that unless they gather double the food they will face the consequences. Flik goes on a mission to assemble a band of fighters who are willing to defend the colony. This animated fantasy adventure film is a classic amongst children and excellent for any family.
- @Moviecritquer01 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Every year, ants have to give some food to grasshoppers as a tribute, almost like they’re some sort of higher beings. The grasshoppers act superior to the ants and always try to coerce them into this tribute-like thing. However, this time the offering is destroyed, and they have nothing to give the grasshoppers. Luckily, the grasshoppers give them a second chance, but an ant named Flik goes to find someone who can stand up to the grasshoppers. He finds a group of bugs, but they’re not exactly what everyone may have been expecting. Somehow the ants must find a way to either appease the grasshoppers or defeat them before it’s too late.
- @JuiceboxZ of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Oh, this is one of my favourite movies from when I was a kid and there is a really good reason for that. Even my dad always sat down and watched A Bug’s Life with me because it was like a magnet pulling you towards it. It’s so smart how they decided to make a movie from the perspective of a bug, specifically an ant which is so small. We’ve seen books like “Hey Little Ant” but A Bug’s Life takes this little ant on an adventure and provides a really nice view on the lives of bugs. This movie was funny, somewhat realistic in some aspects (concerning the villains) and truly enjoyable. There was a nice message, like standing up for what you know is right (Flik standing up to the grasshoppers) and always finding unique a good thing. I definitely recommend this movie for a family movie night! 5/5
- @jewelreader of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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Jun 07, 2019

bell5133 thinks this title is suitable for 6 years and over

Apr 08, 2017

red_sheep_101 thinks this title is suitable for 9 years and over

Mar 31, 2008

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Nov 05, 2007

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SAPPHIREBEAR15 Jun 26, 2012

Flik is an individualist and would-be inventor in a colony of ants — led by Princess Atta and her mother, The Queen — living on a small island in the middle of a creek. Flik is different and always unappreciated because of his inventions causing trouble. The colony is constantly oppressed by a gang of marauding grasshoppers who arrive every season demanding food from the ants. However, when an offering that the ants were putting together to appease the grasshoppers is accidentally knocked into a stream by Flik's latest invention, a harvester device, the grasshoppers demand twice as much food at the end of the season. Given a temporary reprieve by the grasshoppers, the ants pretend to agree to Flik's plan to recruit "warrior bugs" to fight off the grasshoppers. While Flik actually believes in the plan, the other ants see it as a fool's errand to get rid of Flik.

Nov 05, 2007

Flick an misunderstood "Ant" inventor. Helps save his ant hill from the evil "Hopper" grasshopper with the help of a group of circus bugs


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Jul 25, 2019

Frightening or Intense Scenes: The grasshoppers appear scary at times and may frighten some younger viewers.

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