This was my first foray into comics, outside of Manga/Manwha, that really helped revitalize my love of reading and art. An amazing saga, not only in name. This book must be read. Warning there is especially some NSFW content in this comic (in case the breastfeeding mother on the cover was not enough of a warning

Hazel, the main characters voice, becomes your own as you follow along with this tale. From the very beginning - the very first panel of a winged woman giving birth - you find yourself pulled into this world. Falling in love with it's characters and the wonderful artwork of Fiona Staples is easy to do, leaving the world and not becoming addicted is Not.

Another warning - a line from this mentions 'kill your darlings'; deaths in this series are 'forever' deaths. There is no superhero type revival - no matter how hard you wish for it.

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